At we know how frustrating it can be to have your laptop ruined because the screen was accidentally damaged, the frustration is doubled when you find out that the standard manufacturer limited warranty does not cover damage due to accidents. Paying the manufacturer for the repairs could cost you half the price of the laptop or even more depending on the brand; alternatively going to a local repair centre for a fix will result in a fee for the repair plus the additional cost of ordering in the replacement screen.

This is why our customers are happy to know that they can order a screen from us, have it shipped directly to them and replace their screen on their own with our video instructions, saving them $100’s. However knowing that accidents still happen and considering that LCD screens are extremely fragile customers may want to have the extra assurance that their money is well spent.

So what can our customers do to protect themselves from a potential loss due to accidentally damaging their screen again? Grab a year’s worth of accidental damage protection of course!

We offer our first time purchasers who are ordering a single replacement screen a chance to purchase additional Accidental Damage Protection Plan (ADPP) coverage against any physical damage that may happen to their newly purchased screen.  The ADPP coverage will protect our customers for 1 full year against any physical damage to the LCD. Whether the damage is caused from cracking it, spilling liquid on it or dropping the laptop and shattering the screen. No matter what happens, your new LCD replacement panel is covered as long as the screen is still in your possession. It’s as simple as that, there is no catch.

Once you have purchased the ADPP this information is saved with your order in our system, so this will save your from having to hold onto a receipt for a year proving that it was paid for. Should you require the use of your protection plan you can start a support ticket at and our technical support team will be happy to help.

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  1. Travis Rudd

    This is the best company for any laptop screen. I have purchased only a few from them so far but and only had 1 minor issue that was handled very proffessionally and promptly. I do alot of laptop computer repair and I will most certainly order every screen i need from this company. Oustanding customer service and excellent products. Screens alaways come packaged very well and shipping is very prompt. I would reccommend this company to anyone that would need a laptop screen, tablet or Iphone screen.

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