In the blog post of Jan. 7th, we have explained the LG Phillips-made LCD screen model numbers. In this post, we will explain the logic behind composing a model number for LCD screens made by AU Optronics (more commonly referred to as AUO).

Every LCD made by AUO will have the model number starting with “B”. The next 3 numbers refer to the LCD screen size (e.g. B133 means the LCD is 13.3″; B121 is for a 12.1″ LCD, and so on).

New and old AUO models are slightly different. The older models have 2 letters after the screen size, and the newer models have 3. Example of a model number: B156XW01 v.1 (old); B156HTN01.1 (new).

The next letter after the size denotes the screen resolution:

X = 1366×768
R = 1600×900
H = 1920×1080

The next letter after the resolution tells the LCD type – if it is TN or IPS:

T= TN (regular view)
A = IPS (wide view)

The next letter after the type tells if the LCD is made for a touchscreen laptop:

N = no touch screen
T = touchscreen

The digits following after the touchscreen parameter is for the revision of the LCD. They do not have a particular meaning, and they are assigned in a numerical order, as the LCD’s are being produced.

Next is HW number – sometimes important (LCDs may have different brackets alignment, different video connector and/or pins, special EDID, etc).

In most cases, it is best to order according to the LCD model number. If you are unsure what LCD screen you need to order, make sure to contact us prior to placing your order.


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  2. Holger Moser

    To be true, I do not intend to purchase a LCD display, but you may answer a question about a B150XG01 V.7 with a B150XG01 V.2 built in device (with the LCD connector on it). I think V.2 is the decisive Spec as the LCD connector is on it.
    This display of a broken Notebook is planned to be reused by means of a HDMI-DVI-VGA-Audio converter. The suppliers of those converters for the B150XG01 offer different sets of converters referring to panel types as B, N, Q, W and so on.
    My questions
    1. What do the letters for the panel type stand for, and are there essential differences?
    2. How can I extract that panel specification from the specs printed on the device?
    Would be glad if you could answer my questions.

  3. Hans-Juergen Schulten

    Do you can deliver a 4K optronics B173ZANO1.1 screen, may be directly from China.

    Best regards, HJ

  4. Josh

    My monitor is a touch screen au B140HAN03.0 but according to your explanation since mine has a N it should not be a touch screen but it is a screen . Lenovo Yoga 710 14IKB

  5. Nick

    What do the letters in the last bracket mean? I’m trying to find a replacement controller for a screen but i can only find a (TJ)(C3) when the screen ends in (TJ)(C1). Will this work?


      Thank you for contacting support, please provide the full screen model number. Sometimes the last 2 digits could mean a different version of mounting brackets for a screen, however we need the full screen model number to determine this.

  6. Angela

    I have a B140RW02, what does the W mean in this?


      For the older model styles, “2 letters” W denotes it is a TN display.

  7. Jesper

    Hi, I have an old touch screen but I dont have the drivers for it. I have Windows 10 pro and my au optronics screen has model number: T315HW02 V.0
    Can you please provide me with a working driver?

    Thanks in advance 🙂


      For updated driver we recommend you visit your devices website for driver updates or checking online sources for driver updates for your exact model.

  8. Michael

    there are AUO panels like B156HAK, or B156HTK.
    what does the ‘K’ stand for?


      These would be for the embedded touch type of screen.

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